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Rolf Jones-Moore

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Pianist Rolf Jones-Moore has performed professionally for 25 years, with many engagements, including opening for Ray Charles at the Sacramento Blues Festival. During this performance, he was preceeded by the Soulsters and Robby Krieger, guitarist for The Doors, then followed by the great Ray Charles and the Northwest's own Robert Cray. Rolf's performances have included many concert engagements throughout Northern California, Colorado, and Washington, beginning his career as a keyboardist with the Misty Mountain Sunshine Band, a local favorite in Denver. After several years in Colorado, he moved to San Francisco, performing numerous venues including the Archbishop Mansion for wedding engagements and special events. One memorable highlight of this engagement was playing on a beautiful, vintage Steinway Grand, gifted to the mansion by the late Noel Coward. From there, he moved to Nevada City, California, where some of his many local performances were recorded live, on the air, by KVMR, a Northern California public broadcast station . As a composer, Rolf Jones-Moore displays several styles. Jazzy blues, and boogie dominate his method, with a touch of classical movement in a number of his pieces. Although classically trained, Rolf displays a unique, energetic style, his sharp technical skills complemented by vigor, vitality, and a soulful passion for his art. -jml, 2007