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Megan Munroe's quiet beginnings began in a very small town farm in Washington. Upon being crowed Miss Teen Washington in 2000, Megan life changed forever. After finishing in the top 10 on ABC's Miss Teen USA, Megan was off to LA. After a couple of guest apperances on network TV, Megan joined an all girl band, the procucer worked with Nick Carter and did some demo CD's. Too Much drama for Megan and realizing she had been writing her own songs & lyrics decided to start her own group. she perfomred with the "Wreckers "Teddy Landau before the group was formed. The first album "Married to the Melody" was produced in 2006 and can be purchased as CD baby, or on line at She has teamed up with Brian Oaks for songwritng and performing and they are playing to capacity crowds throughout the summer. She has been on KMPS seveal times and has opened for Capital recording artist Eric Church and will be doing openers for his upcoming Northwest Tour in October. Maverick Magazine rated her album 4 star and said"This album deserves to be considered for what it is: a wildly entertaining survey of contemporary country pop music" Have a listen yourself at