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Urban Oasis Som Brasil

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Urban Oasis “Som Brasil” is a Brazilian band that features a broad range of musical styles drawn from elements of Brazilian Samba, Jazz, Blues, Reggae and Funk. The diversity of the musicians' backgrounds creates a unique sound all their own. The mood conveyed in their material and captured in their performances is undeniably infectious with broad appeal. As a famous Brazilian composer once noted, “He who doesn't like Samba is either sick in the head or lame in his feet”. Their sound is a delightful, rhythmically upbeat blend of Brazilian music with strong infusions of American Jazz and R&B. This group defies the standard categories of musical styles as they serve to their audiences a musical “Urban Oasis"

Urban Oasis “Som Brasil” members are:
Kiko de Freitas is an internationally renowned guitarist and vocalist born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. His career began as a producer and recording artist in video and theater. He has performed and toured abroad in Japan, Europe and naturally, Brazil. He has performed with such notable bands as Som Brazuca, Ornella Vannoni and Passarim. Now based in the Northwest, Kiko has performed with Beija Flora, Banda Voou, Canto Brasil and currently, Urban Oasis “Som Brasil”.

Miguel Garrido is the bassist and backing vocalist born in San Jose, Uruguay. He studied bass at the Falleri-Balzo Instituto do Montevideo in Uruguay. Miguel has formed a trio with Ricardo Lacuan, the former guitarist of Brazilian composers Vinicius de Moraes and Joyce. Relocating to Spain, the trio became Batuke and toured Europe and Africa which included the Jazz Festival of Madrid. Currently in Seattle, Miguel performs in Seattle with Sonando, Grupo Son, Luis Peralta, Jay Thomas' Evolution and Urban Oasis “Som Brasil”.

Scott Ketron is the drummer and he hails from Montana. He has a Masters of Music Degree in Percussion Performance from Central Washington University. Scott has performed all over the United States, Canada and Japan and remains a performing and studio musician with various northwest artists. He has performed with the Savoy Swing Band, Beija Flora, the Northwest Chamber Winds, the Spokane Symphony and Urban Oasis “Som Brasil”. In addition to performing, Scott is a dedicated musical educator and the Percussion Ensemble Director at Music Works Northwest.

Bryant Urban is the saxophonist and vocalist born in Trenton, NJ. He graduated from Wesleyan University in Middleton, CT, with a Bachelor's in Performance Arts. He studied jazz composition with Bill Barron and African drumming with Abraham Adzenyah. Traveling to Brazil, he recorded with the Brazilian artists Ricardo Chaves and Roberto Mendes. In New York, Bryant was called upon to perform with The Del Vikings and The Dubs. Now in Seattle, he has performed with Paul Green, Emerald City All-Stars, Sweet Talkin' Jones, Paixao do Brasil, Banda Voou, Canto Brasil, and Urban Oasis “Som Brasil”.

Michael Martinez is the guitarist and backing vocalist. He was born in Lincoln, NE where his father, also a guitarist and vocalist performed as the leader of Los Tropicales, a Latin/Caribbean band. Michael studied the guitar under his father and went on to formally study Classical, Jazz, Composition, Theory, performing in concert bands and Jazz stage bands through college. Michael has performed with Troubled Monkey, Roger Filgo, Lonnie Williams, Frank Steele, Slamm, Brian Nova's Funk '69 and currently Urban Oasis “Som Brasil”.