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White Crane Lion and Dragon Dancers
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Lion Dance: This ritual goes as far back as the Qin Dynasty 221BC. Much of its custom remained the same for centuries. Until the late 1970's when schools in Asia started combining Buc Si tricks (Northern Lion) with the Southern Lion. The sport evolved very fast, today competitions are held in many countries around the world. We use the Liondance to open the San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade every year. We perform a short puzzle in the opening, and a complete puzzle during the grand finale.

It is no longer just a Chinese customary thing, having a Liondance for that one occasion! We have done performances in all shapes and form! From the traditional Grand Opening, Birthday and Weddings. To a movies like Jade (starring David Caruso), Turner & Hooch (starring Tom Hanks), to countless commercials and promotional videos. You can even see us in a Primus's Pork Soda music video. We have done a number of for print ads, including shoots for fashion magazines. We are capable of orchestrating shows as small as 5 people to an all out production of hundreds.

Our specialty is Lion Dance, Dragon Dance and Martial Arts performing for various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, grand openings, parades, conventions, anniversaries and many more. All shows can consist of 1 to 50 lion heads and up to 3 Dragons at one time.