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David Patrone
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David Patrone performs across the country as an MC/Bandleader and a Jazz singer and harmonicist for weddings and for companies like General Motors, Playboy Golf, Lexus, West Coast Life and Washington Mutual. He teams with musicians from all over the country to bring great entertainment to your location with full equipment, sound, light and stage support. David's background is truly unique: He's an active Mensa Member, former United States Marine Ordnanceman, former IT Manager, recovered alcoholic/addict, Certified Professional Ski Instructor and Event Planner. David was born and raised in a musical family in Philadelphia before traveling the world in the Marines. There are few personalities like his on or off stage and the musicians he teams up with are the TOP Jazz, Blues and Classical musicians around the country. His natural leadership and awareness of an event's inner workings give him the flexibility to keep everything moving along and never miss a beat, even if the timeline falls to pieces! Nostalgic; but offering something new, David Patrone is reminiscent of mid 1900's swanky style with a modern panache. He and his band are impeccably dressed while, Patrone croons and dances to Jazz Standards with delightful authenticity and without impersonating Sinatra. David's interaction on and off stage is unique. His band lays down a colorful backdrop that accentuates his ability to engage an audience while providing an authentic and legitimate Jazz Musical Performance. Give us a call and let us provide you with a presentation of what we can do for your event. We provide EVERYTHING WE NEED and can arrange several types of entertainment. This is common in weddings or long events when you need a string quartet for the ceremony music, instrumental trio for the cocktail music, big band for the reception music and a DJ to finalize the event. We can arrange the whole package. This is one of the things David specializes in: Entire Event Entertainment Solutions. We can even meet with you and discuss ideas or brainstorm about an event in case you want something special but you're not sure what it is. This is our specialty and we're here to help you!