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Tony Marconi
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Looking for an "old-timey" entertainer? You just might consider Tony Marconi! Be it a fair, civic celebration, festival or corporate party, Tony will add a most colorful ambiance to the event. If you didn't notice he's an organ grinder and, todya, they're might hard to come by.
Whatever you wish to call it, it certainly identifies Tony Marconi, the Organ Grinder. And what a wonderful way to greet and entertain your fair, festival, exposition or party guests. Tony is the perfect choice to add a lively touch of nostalgia - an old time ambiance to your event.
Being mobile, Tony can reach even the most remote areas of your grounds with his bright and happy music. His informal format allows him to stop and present short interactive shows (teaching youngsters how to crank the organ and ear an "assistant organ grinder's union card". Parents as well as the kids, love it.

Your guests will watch, smile, laugh - and often sing along as Tony cranks out lively, toe-tapping melodies from yesterday. He revives a bit of the past and creates pleasant reminds of "the good old days".

The Organ Grinder can stroll thoughout your grounds, park, street and exhibit buildings. He can "liven up" otherwise dead area and attract potential customers to remotely located venders or attractions. He can entertain those waiting in lines at popoular rides and concessions.