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Louie Foxx
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Louie's One Man Side Show begins as a magic show, with Louie performing the first trick he invented when he was five year old. but with an amazing and unexpected twist. Then the show quickly changes to something totally different when Louie begins to demonstrate his other skills such as:
A side splitting demonstration of bullwhips tricks!
Eye popping soap bubble figures! Mind blowing balance of a cup of water upside-down!

Louie's unique combination of magic and variety arts skills have allowed him to create and unbelievable and unforgettable show! His show is so much fun he's received the award for the Best Live Entertainment for families by readers of the Parent Map Magazine in 2011 and 2012!

Louie's also two time Guinness World Record Holder and has been on Evening Magazine, New Day North West, the nationally syndicated television program How 'bout That and NBC's America's Got Talent!

Louie Foxx 206-669-3928 Award Winning Magician Two Time Guinness World Record Holder
Seen on NBC's Amercia's Got Talent
Voted Best Live Entertainment by the Parent Map Magazine 2011 and 2012

- Gary J. Hammons, CIC inc.