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Vivid Curve
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Hailing from Portland Or. This world jamrock powerhouse is at the forefront of the growing Pacific NW didgeridoo movement.

Vivid Curve brings acoustic guitar together with drums and didgeridoo to create a modern/ancient sound only the 21st century Pacific NW could produce. Ranging from rock to dance just plain fun these out-of-this-world jams are not to be missed.

Tony Sciola (Guitar, Mandolin, Vocals), Jeff Cooper (Didgeridoo, Vocals), Ronnie Lamb (Kit Drums), & Chris Jhana (Hand Drums) bring together a completely original musical combination, producing a sound that is both unclassifiable, and unforgettable.

"The didgeridoo has found a home here in Stumptown with a new wave of players. A group called Vivid Curve (its members, including "Urban Shaman" Jeff Cooper) have freshened up the traditional droning tube."

- The Oregonian