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Love Trucker
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What do you see when you have a view from the front seat of The Love Truck? Well, I happen to be lucky enough to know. You see red bandanas, you see fringe jackets, you see newsboy caps, you see strings and sticks and amps and picks and six eyes that are all different colors, but certainly burn for the same reason. The boys of Love Trucker have a passion not only for their music, but also for sharing it, and I have the privilege of experiencing that passion firsthand. When you step into The Love Truck, the scent of the 70s permeates from the shag carpet and the pleather-thatched walls. And that's what this band is. It's an experience that will take you to another place. Maybe it's somewhere you've been before and have unconsciously ached for, or maybe it's brand new and so incredibly intoxicating that you don't want to imagine its end. No matter where the music takes you, it always feels like home. Chris Merrill, Gabe Averre and Matthew Paige have such a close bond, that you can't help but feel like family when you're with them. But why trust me? Listen to their music for yourself. It's refreshingly familiar, comfortably brand-new. The band's unrelenting honesty lends itself to the admirable purity of their new old-school sound, as well as their connection with their listeners.