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Chrissy Alexander & The Roughstock Band

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For all of you that have gone to one of Chrissy's performances, know that's exactly what it is. A performance! Chrissy's passion to strive through the sound of todays "Country" music has a huge influence in her songwriting. Chrissy has dealt with the politics and frustrations that come along with the business. "For most people, they get bitter. I use my not so great experiences as a way to push forward and say, it just wasn't my day!"

The single “DRIVE” co-written by Gretchen Wilson, is proudly one for the ladies while “Bus to Baton Rouge” tells a promising story of its own. Chrissy's first single release "DRIVE" has been streaming through the airways with help from local country station KKRV and Station Manager John Windus. The single has been the most requested song thirteen times so far and who else to thank other than the loyal listeners and fans of Chrissy's music.

Chrissy's ambition to start her own band was first on the list. So she did what she does best and started making calls. With countless hours of creating promo packets, she sent one to every casino, club, honky-tonk, fair and rodeo scene in the state of Washington and Idaho.

With five musicians ready to roll and Chrissy looking for a schedule to fill, they put together a unity of pure talent. Each member of this band brings a sense of style to the table. You can't help but notice how effortlessly the music flows. From your classic rock favorites to the country music you grew up on, this band will always give a jaw dropping performance.

Chrissy's accomplishments include opening for acts such as Mark Chestnut, Blackhawk and her all time favorite, Chris LeDoux. She travels all over to perform the National Anthem for our troops and sporting events all around Washington state. Chrissy is working at putting a schedule together for "Waymores Outlaws", the original members of the late but not forgotten, Waylon Jennings. In her so called spare time, she continues to write and schedule gigs for her upcoming album “All Things Cowboy” due out next year.

Chrissy grew up in Maple Valley, WA where her family raised and raced thoroughbreds. She has three sisters and no brothers and is considered the closest thing to a boy between all the girls. On the weekends Chrissy would hang out at her uncle's meat shop where she got hands on experience with dead carcass and gut barrels. Over the years she took jobs singing at fairs, local events and charities. "I love singing the National Anthem. I don't think I sing any other song with so much conviction". After learning and growing in different genres of music, Chrissy stepped it up and joined her first band "The Blue Moon Band" out of Columbia Falls, MT. Chrissy quit her job, packed up her short hair "Ruger" and down the road they went. Upon her return to Washington, Chrissy took some time off then joined a band. A band she performed more of a Top 40/Rock rather than the classic country she was used to. Later on, Chrissy and her sister worked as Rock Girls for a Seattle rock based radio station, KISW 99.9 for about two years. "My sis and I have had the best times together. I wouldn't change it for the world"! While working for the radio station, the sisters learned of a new club that was opening in Seattle "Cowgirls Inc". A close second to your local Coyote Ugly bar. With close to 460 girls trying out, they both made it. "I developed quite the potty mouth. Worse than the one I already had". Chrissy's job was to slap around the customers, sing and perform sassy dance routines on top of the longest bar in Seattle and keep the money a flowin'! Chrissy's ambition as an artists? To bring country music back to the surface. Out with the new and in with the old! "I'll just leave my future in Gods hands and pray that performing is something I'm meant to do. Well, at least get paid well and have a cool tour bus"!