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Let It Ride Casino Parties
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Why Let It Ride Casino Parties is right for you:
Let It Ride Casino Parties is owned and operated by long-time Seattle area residents Cory Thompson and Brian Keller. With about twenty years combined experience in the casino industry, Cory and Brian know what it takes to make sure your guests have a good time and an authentic experience. We are willing to travel to your event if it is out of the King County area, and will make it a matter of personal pride that your party be an all-round success and a night to remember for all your guests.

Make yours the function everyone wants to attend.
Let It Ride Casino Parties is dedicated to making your office party, fundraiser, graduation, get together, or other event the one party that everyone will look forward to year after year, time after time.

Your chance to be a High Roller!
Let It Ride Casino Parties offer you and your group that type of evening. Our professional Dealers and equipment allow you to create a Las Vegas style atmosphere at your next party. If you are looking for a way to produce an atmosphere of excitement, anticipation and elation, then you want us for your next event. Parties are events that people look forward to for a good time. With Let It Ride Casino Parties, we do all the work for you. All you need is a reason to have a get together and a place to have it. We will do the set-up, hosting (if requested), and will provide any help or suggestions to compliment a real casino night.

Our prices are based on the size of the function and, if you look around, are the most reasonable in the business. Our skilled staff will take the time to teach your group how to play some of those casino games you have wondered about. We employ the best Dealers, or you can have fun by providing your own! It sure is fun to beat your boss, teacher, or friend at a hand of blackjack.

Let It Ride Casino Parties provides a variety of games as you request. We have blackjack, let it ride, craps, roulette, pai gow poker, and now Texas Hold 'Em poker! What more could you want for a simple and inexpensive night of fun?