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From “My Generation” to “Pinball Wizard” to “Behind Blue Eyes” to “You Better You Bet” to “Won't Get Fooled Again”, The Who Show has been thrilling audiences with the unmistakable live sounds of the Who for more than a decade. Voted VH1's “Most Believable 1970's Era Who Tribute”, The Who Show was also hailed by the Los Angeles Times to be “in a class by themselves.”

With note for note musical renditions, authentic costumes and vintage instruments The Who Show recreates a Who concert experience from the 1970s. On stage, the group accurately captures the “individual stage personas, idiosyncrasies and showmanship” (Music Connection Magazine) of one of the most influential bands and perhaps the greatest live band ever. While many tribute bands duplicate the appearance and sound, The Who Show, “takes the extra step to capture the magic, energy and essence of the Who” (San Diego Union-Tribune).

The Who Show was cast in starring roles as The Who in the 2005/06 stage production premiere run of Quadrophenia, which was a box office and critical smash hit. Between casinos, festivals, fairs, concerts and corporate events, the band performs about high profile engagements every year. Permanent band members Chris Propper (as Pete Townshend), Jim Kennelly (as John Entwistle), France DiCarlo (as Keith Moon) and Stephen SHAREAUX(as Roger Daltrey), have established themselves as one of the most popular tribute bands in Southern California and are rapidly gaining national recognition.

With excellent musicianship and lively stage presence, The Who Show delivers a show that engages the audience at many levels. Each of the timeless hit songs played in their sets are known and loved by generations of fans. The Who Show has honed their show to become what critics acknowledge being one of the most spectacular tribute shows in the world.


-Voted VH1's “Most Believable 70's era Who Tribute Band"
-Voted VH1's best THE WHO web site!
-Awarded "Best Tribute Band” by L.A. Music Awards in 2008.
-Cast as The Who in premiere run of "Stage production of Quadraphenia" which was a critical and box office smash hit.
-Have raised more than $200,000 for charities and hospitals.
-France DiCarlo "Is the reincarnation of Keith Moon,Roger Daltrey“
-Know why you never see quality Who tribute or cover bands? No one can ever match the chops of Entwistle/Townsend/Daltry/Moon. "The Who Show is in a class by themselves and they nail The Who on all fours” Los Angeles Times.
-"The finest Who tribute band in the world” Martin Lewis, Mods & Rockers Festival.
-"This act nails all the dynamics and nuances of The Who. [they] took on the individual stage personas, idiosyncrasies and showmanship of the real Who, and presented the compositions with reverence and professionalism” Music Connection Magazine.
“They transport you back to a 70's Who concert with conviction”
Orange County Register.
-"They truly are as close as you could ever imagine getting to the true Who, an amazing experience not to be missed” Los Angeles Daily Variety.“
-"My childhood regret is never experiencing a live Who concert" Now I'm good” Desert Sun.
-"They bring The Who to life with precision and verve ”San Francisco Chronicle.
-“Many tributes accurately recreate the appearance and sound. The Who Show takes the extra step to capture the magic, energy and essence of the Who ”San Diego Union Tribune.
-[The Who Show] is the whole package right down to Jay Stevens [as Roger Daltrey] hitting the classic scream in “Won't Get Fooled Again”
Orange County Weekly.
And Many More.