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He is an author, storyteller, historian, poet, riddler, folklorist, puppeteer, musician, singer, teacher, dad, and now a grandpa! He entertains often in preschools, elementary schools, and even high schools! He knows more songs, stories and riddles, than anybody else his size or shape. He has at least one story or song for every occasion. He has more whistles than you can shake a stick at. He may have the silliest puppet ever, his pal "Billy Bear the Silly Bear". His original musical games are a hoot!

He has begun his 40th year working with children and students all over the world. With extensive experience as educator and entertainer, he continues providing concerts, assemblies, workshops, and residencies. He is willing to travel and bring; laughter, joy and inspiration to children everywhere!

He is a two time winner of the Parent's Choice Award for Children's Audio Recordings