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Fair Warning a Tribute to Van Halen

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FAIR WARNING is the world's most incredible tribute to the legendary band from Los Angeles, VAN HALEN. The band's line-up includes four top entertainers who were and are (surprise, surprise) heavily influenced by the aura of VAN HALEN.

The group is able to perform, live, most of the "classic" VAN HALEN studio works released as well as some of Van Halen's unreleased originals popular in the "underground" with the "true" Van Halen fan. FAIR WARNING has also been known to spill out cover songs by artists other than VAN HALEN or David Lee Roth that influence the band if the event appears to call for it. Unlike most of the other top-drawing talent, the band remains true to its fans, playing many requests at each and every performance.

FAIR WARNING has gone through many pains to insure that their show is as close to a real VAN HALEN concert as humanly possible. Performing mostly "classic" VAN HALEN tunes, the show is carried out true to Roth-era form. Complete with hand made costumes identical to those worn by VAN HALEN, uncanny visuals & stage layout, vainglorious stage antics & gymnastics, raspy yet suave-ish vocals, note-for-note guitar shredding, thunderous rhythm section and crucial back-ground vocals, the music is flawlessly duplicated and the atmosphere & mood of VAN HALEN is re-created at every FAIR WARNING show.

FAIR WARNING, one of the world's longest-lasting tribute bands (since 1986), has a large and loyal hometown following as well as national & worldwide recognition, which is building rapidly. FAIR WARNING advertises each show extensively. The group has played all of the top nightclubs in the country and continues to invade the US and other countries.