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Celtic Clan

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Celtic Clan as it currently stands formed about 5 years, are based in Boston MA. USA but can be seen and heard in the strangest of places-maybe even in your home town!

Being primarily an Irish band,but also delving into all facets of popular music,Celtic Clan can best be described as "a band for all reasons". They blend Irish, Rock'n'Roll, Top 40, Comedy and Traditional with equal fervour and can go from a slow ballad to a rousing "ELVIS PRESLEY" in the "blink of a tonsil".

Their instruments range from Guitar, Bass, Fiddle, Tin-whistle, Tenor banjo, Concertina and percussion with a bit of Uilleann-pipes thrown in! Audience participation is a large part of their performance and sing-along songs are featured in abundance. They currently have a CD called "TO BEAT THE BAND"