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Juliet Funt
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As the daughter of Allen Funt, creator of the Candid Camera television show, Juliet has spent her life observing the hidden truths beneath our social selves. She won't hide a camera in your office but will bring her family tradition of hilarity and warmth to each and every one of your attendees.

Juliet lights up the platform with a true wordsmith's love for the poetry of a well-turned phrase. She then backs up her engaging words and rich stories with thought-provoking content that has made her a nationally recognized expert in coping with the pace and pressure of our busy lives. Her uproarious stories and easily applicable points will energize and enlighten you and your audience. Her show biz genes are amplified by years performing improvisational comedy on the professional stage and many, many hours on the platform challenging her audiences to think deeper, laugh harder, and change their lives more profoundly. She helps businesses, groups and associations from top management to front line employees, find and nurture the human capital that is the fuel behind every organizational success.

Her diverse work history has taken her through a myriad of roles: from Project Manger for a live events company to Human Relations trainer for the Los Angeles Police Department through the Museum of Tolerance, and even to Israel as a liaison in a Palestinian/Israeli peace project.

Juliet began her television career at two years old at the hands of her proud poppa, and since has appeared on national news, television, and radio. She has been featured in the L.A. Times, The Chicago Tribune, Shape, L.A. Parent and Professional Speaker magazine. She has been a weekly columnist for the Internet community, and a co-author of The Communication Path and The Wellness Path, in the Path Training Series. Her programs are great for Associations, Women's Groups, Educators, Financial Professionals, Healthcare, Real Estate, and many other audiences.

She is a member of the National Speakers Association and fills her spare time running a fine art photography business with her fabulous and talented husband Lorne, winner of the 2005 Travel Photographer of the Year. Together they have co-founded the Young Stars Project, a non-profit organization building holistic learning schools for children in Uganda.
Overcommitted, Overwhelmed and Over It!
Success Skills for the Blisteringly Busy

Has your To Do list become a novel? Does an avalanche of email bury you every morning? You are not alone. The #1 business lifestyle complaint in the world today is “Too much to do with too little time.” What would you give to feel relaxed and light-hearted as you face the challenge of this taxing atmosphere where the pressure never stops increasing? Get ready to smile, because Juliet Funt is about to take you on a fast-paced, story packed, hilarious ride to right where the answers lie. You can even get the CFO on board by reminding him that American companies spend 150 billion dollars a year on pressure related disability, and even more with tension related drains that waste time, lower morale and raise employee turnover. So call in the cavalry now with constructive solutions and more than a few laughs.
Defining Success in the Age of Never Enough
Coping with the Pace and Quantity of our Daily Tasks
White Space on your Calendar: Myth or Reality?
Lots and lots of laughter to lift your mood now!

Overcommitted, Overwhelmed and Over it! Is a wonderful and energetic way to kick off or close your conference and provides a marvelously balanced combo of “feel good” fun and immediately applicable content.
The Magic is in Your Mouth
(Overcommitted, Overwhelmed and Over It!: Part Two)

As a follow-up to addressing the stress and overwhelm in your environment, why not focus in on improving communication? A poor communication environment piles on more stress than almost any other single factor. Consider this:
Are you being starved? Maybe: because clarity, directness and useful feedback are hard to find these days. Are you being poisoned? Maybe: because gossip, over-promising, and gender based misunderstandings are just a few of the verbal habits that slip by even the finest communicators and drain the pocketbooks of all companies. Luckily, The Magic is in Your Mouth. This morale boosting session of humor and stories will keep them entertained but is also laced with practical and innovative ideas to make the most of every word you choose.
The Avalanche and how it Drives Men Crazy!
Insatiability - Is there No End to what we Ask of Ourselves?
Taking things Personally and Other Common Mirages
Every Day an Opportunity for “The Good Word”