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Barry Maher
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Barry Maher may be best known as the author of Filling the Glass, a book that's been cited as “[One of] The Seven Essential Popular Business Books,” by Today's Librarian along with books like The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and The One Minute Manager.

He himself has appeared on the Today Show, NBC Nightly News, CNBC and on well over 800 local television and radio stations. And he's frequently featured in publications like USA Today, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal and Business Week.

His client list includes organizations like ABC, the American Management Association, the American Society of Association Executives, AT&T, Blue Cross, Budget Rent a Car, Country Kitchen, Canon, Cessna, Fox Cable Television, Infiniti Automotive, Johnson & Johnson, Lufthansa Airlines, Merck, the National Lottery of Ireland, the Small Business Administration, the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the U.S. Government, Verizon and Wells Fargo.

His topics include:
1. Filling the Glass: Real World Tactics and Reality-Based Motivation for Increasing Productivity AND Job Satisfaction. Filling the Glass is the antidote to sessions that are entertaining but full of “let's all think happy thoughts and everything will be wonderful” fluff. It's chock full of nuts and bolts content. Yet it's extremely entertaining and real-world motivational, even inspirational. Perfect for both the most cynical veteran AND the most starry-eyed (or the most discouraged) novice.
• Jerry Colangelo, former owner of the Phoenix Suns and Arizona Diamondbacks, says "Packed with useful, practical advice. . . entertaining and frequently laugh out loud funny."
• MPI's (Meeting Professionals International's) The Meeting Planner says, "Often funny, occasionally blunt, always honest . . . Maher helps us fill our own glass through a skillful mix of case studies, tips, tactics and hard headed, reality-based inspiration."
• Trade Show Ideas writes, "Barry Maher finishes his keynote and the audience comes to its feet applauding. Clearly they enjoyed the speaker's every word. The conference and trade show are off to a perfect start."

2. De-Stress for Success: Managing Stress to Promote Work/Life Balance and Restore the Joy of Living.
Stress can sour your career, ruin your health and sap the joy from your life. But there are only two ways of managing it. You can either change the situation that's causing the stress or you can change the way you react to it.
Since changing the situation can often be difficult or even impossible, this wonderful, insightful and relaxing session focuses on transforming the way we deal with the stress in our lives, providing concrete, easy to implement tips, tactics and strategies. So you can control stress, rather than having stress control you.
This is truly a life altering session and you will leave with quick, painless, long term solutions to one of the biggest problems in modern life: to restore the drive to your career, the spring to your step and the joy to your life.

3. Slicing through the Noise: Effective Communications for Leadership and Professional Success.

Diplomacy has been called the art of telling people to go to hell in a way that they'll actually look forward to the trip. We don't advocate telling your people, you customers, your partners or your bosses to go anywhere like that, but this outstanding session from Barry Maher shows you how to communicate with people of all types: to diplomatically, tactfully get what you want and get people to look forward to whatever trip you'd like them to take.

4. Selling Your Ideas Your Vision, Yourself, Even Your Products and Services: Painlessly!
Simple, yet extraordinarily effective strategies that help not only in sales and in management but in almost any aspect of your business life. And even in your life outside of business. No lie, truth is the ultimate sales tool. It also the ultimate leadership tool. But only when used correctly.

• As Selling Power said, “To his powerful and famous clients, Barry Maher is simply the best sales trainer in the business.”

5. Shut Up and Speak: Non-Verbal Communication. Body language, gestures, tone, proximity: when it comes to succeeding in business, non-verbal communications can make the difference between getting your message across and completely undermining it, the difference between understanding those around you and just guessing.