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For many years, I and my associates have been involved with performing and supplying professional musical entertainment for a considerable number of events: Dodger & Angel stadium special events at selective games, Great Western Forum Rodeo meets, film appearances as musicians (resume below), various corporate national conventions (Budweiser, Capitol Cities, Volvo, National Rotary Club, many others), the musical group that is part of the cast of the “Ramona” pageant play, featured entertainment at various restaurants, banquets as hired by numerous catering firms (ex.- Acapulco Restaurant catering, El Cholo Restaurants), Museum private group affairs (Gene Autry, Peterson Auto, County Art, Natural History, Bower's, Norton Simon, many other museums), shopping center events for a number of property- management firms, various park picnics, weddings/receptions, birthdays, yes, even funerals, educational institution programs (events at almost all universities in So. Cal.), civic occasions, political campaign events (all parties), functions for charity organizations, and a great deal more.

We supply a myriad of styles of music and musicians. Mariachi and other Hispanic- music, or single artists of various styles for your settings are offered. Our Mariachi groups (w/ costumes) can range from a single guitarist/singer to a full blown 10 - 12 piece ensemble with dancers. From experience, we found a four to six- piece group worked best for most budgets and are usually the size employed. As mentioned earlier, other Hispanic styles and groups are offered, such as: Jorocho (Mexican tropical w/ harp) music, Salsa bands, marimba - led groups, Flamenco ensembles or guitar/singer strolling combinations (Trio Romantico). Other ethnic or continental style combinations are also available such as: accordion/violin &/or other instrumental combos performing classic songs from around the world, and groups playing Italian, Greek, Persian, or Jewish music.

We can provide Dixieland bands, country music ensembles, folk groups, small jazz combos or big band, single top - 40/American folk/pop/ballad guitarist/singer (can be complimented by a flutist or other instrumentalist), or Funk/fusion groups.

If the function is more formal in nature, we have piano soloists offering classical, jazz, &/or Broadway show music, small classical chamber groups of varied instrumentation, vocal choirs, and if so desired, a harpist (solo or ensemble). We also furnish musical entertainment for seasonal affairs (ex.- Christmas programs and parties, or other holiday related occasions). If the occasion ever presented itself, a full size symphony orchestra (w/ conductor) with the highest quality musicians can be contracted (I'm a contractor, supplying orchestras for YANNI tours, MICHEAL CRAWFORD tour, RUSSELL WATSON performances, and many recording dates for major artists).

Most of these mentioned were specifically selected because of their flexibility of sound texture and volume (many are acoustic), and mobility (most can stroll). Events that may necessitate louder, stationary groups (utilizing amplifiers, sound systems, drummers, etc.) are of course, available in ample supply.

Our fees are contingent upon type, time, &/or length of event and type &/or size of group desired.

I'm including a brief rundown on some of the feature films, T. V. episodic/ films/ sit- coms., and commercials that we have done.

Films: Farrelly Brothers' The Heartbreak Kid, Glory Road, Nutty Professor II (The Klumps), Then Came Jones (Disney film), 8 Heads in a Duffle bag, Down & Out in Beverly Hills, The Most Wanted Woman, Cannery Row, Uncle John Shannon, Rock & Roll Mama, The Last Fling, Full Tilt Boogie, La Cucaracha---

TV: Gene Simmons' Family Jewels, The Jimmie Kimmel Show, The Mind of Mencia, Mad TV, Mr. Sterling, Cedric the Entertainer Show, Passions (Soap), Just Shoot Me, So Little Time, Melrose Place, The John Laroquette Show, Murder She Wrote, Colombo, The Big Fix, Murphy Brown, Major Dad, Give Me a Break, and numerous “Love Boat” episodes--

Commercials: Bud Light (Super Bowl & N.B.A. championships) Diet Coca Cola, Levitz, Fox Sports Net, Jack in the Box, Target, Mervyn's, McDonald's---

If needs arise, I do have music, p.d. &/ or original (own publishing), with masters (digital format) that are clear for license & use.

Thank you very much-----FRED HERRERA