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DJ Antony Solomon
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Antony T Solomon Entertainment Profile

Tony started his love and subsequent studies in music at age 5 under the tutelage of Joanne Grasso's Studio Allegro. As a teen he followed up in middle and high school marching/jazz bands while also forming a series of garage and R&B bands outside of school. As a teen he also joined, as the youngest member, several commercial groups such as; The Bells (Willie Gary's Party band), and other noteworthy South Florida and New York groups. These included The Inkspots '83, Gary Delamore, and his number one mentor Mr. Copeland Davis, who inspired and trained him in the ways of live performance. His academic interest in music deepened and led him to enroll in, and graduate from, Eastman School of Arts & Music and later Full Sail School of Music.

Graduating from Eastman School of Music with a Music Education and Compositional degree he then concentrated more on recording and co-founded a commercial recording studio, Jazzmin Recording Studio.Antony has served as 1st chair keyboardist for Brian McKnight, Vanessa Williams, Totall Kontroll Band, Bodyheat, Raquel Williams Band, City of Palm Beach, City of Boca Raton, Cherelle, Kool and the Gang (opening), Brothers Johnson (opening), Street Temperature, Soul Sharks, the U.S.O., International Artist, Polygram Records and currently Top Shelf Band for PrivateStock Productions more!Does lead and background Vocals, Left hand Bass, and Sequencing as well as being very charismatic! Great Stage presence and Clothes!Antony has 3 full P.A. Systems,