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The Seattle Classics Combo

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The Seattle Classics Combo will be sure to bring a touch of class to any wedding reception or private party or corporate dinner. Versatility and flexibility are two words that are important to think of when considering this band for your function. The combo is at it's core a duo comprised of Jay Thomas and Scott Lytle.

Scott Lytle plays cello and piano equally well. so along with multi instrumentalist Jay Thomas on flute saxophone and trumpet or flugelhorn they have wide variety of sounds and styles they can cover..

Scott and Jay do many flute and cello songs such as . ..please fill in the blank. .and they also play Irish music and Christmas songs and a variety of classic listening and ceremony music.

What makes this group unique is the fact that after cello and flute with music of Bach, Beethoven and Brahms then they can immediately switch gears and play jazz out from the great American standards, which includes everything from Broadway songs to melodies made famous by Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis and Frank Sinatra.

The cello and flute can be easily carried to any outside location and needs no amplification or electricity to make beautiful music. Scott and Jay can then easily move indoors for dinner and background music. The Seattle Classics really love what they do and would love to bring the Classics to your very special event!

There is no other duo as versatile as the Seattle Classics Combo

Performing Classical, Baroque and Romantic Era Music as well as the classics of Jazz, Swing, Standards and the Great American Songbook

Affordable Pricing For Your Event
$295.00 for up to an hour
$375.00 for up to 75 minutes
$425.00 for 90 minutes
$495.00 for 2 Hours
$650.00 for 3 Hours
in Seattle and Bellevue
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