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Eva Abram Storyteller
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Storyteller and Actress Eva Abram grew up collecting rainwater for drinking, for cooking food for nutrients and for bathing. Water is essential for life and Eva believes the same is true of stories. She has named her company Rainwater Storytelling because of the nurturing gift stories provide to our deepest being. Rainwater is universal and Eva believes The Power of Storytelling is Universal. Stories stretch across the world and connect us with one another. We human beings have similar experiences and similar emotions. Stories show how much we alike we are, they act as bridges bringing us together. Eva enjoys performing stories, watching them work their magic.

Eva says, “I grew up collecting rainwater, now I collect stories to spread like rain.”

EVA M. ABRAM – BIOGRAPHY Eva Abram, an African-American storyteller, a native of New Orleans, Louisiana specializes in Africa-American history stories and multicultural folktales. Eva earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Policy/Public Policy from the University of Washington, Seattle and has made Seattle her home base. Recognizing the unique power of live presentations, she turned her talents to storytelling as a way to empower students through knowledge of history. “Through stories I help others learn about historical events and people as well as allow them to experience the cultural bridges formed by folktales that have traveled the world.” Eva continues to hone her skills, currently attending the Freehold Theatre Acting Program, Seattle.

FOLKTALES (MULTICULTURAL) Eva tells a variety of multicultural folktales. Entertaining stories to be enjoyed by adults and children are presented with gestures, body language, character voices and wonderful expressions to bring characters to life. Stories are selected based on the age range of the expected audience. Presentation length - 45 minutes.

FOLKTALE PROGRAMS: African Folktales African-American Folktales Multicultural Folktales