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Family Feud Style Game Show

Family Feud style game is the latest interactive entertainment hit of the season based on one of televisions most popular game shows that pits two 'families' or teams against each other in a contest to name the most popular responses to a list of survey questions posed of 100 people.

Karaoke Idol
In this wildly entertaining American-Idol style competition, you will have the opportunity to face the bright lights of stardom, the screaming voices of success, and the harsh ridicule of failure. Our panel of celebrity impersonator judges will be present to offer insights into the performance of each Karaoke Idol contestant.

The Cost is Right
With our very own Bob Barker Style Game Host. You're the Next Contestant on the Cost..Is..Right! Cue the classic TV theme song and run down the aisle. Yes you will be wearing the famous oversized name tag that our announcer will read as you make your way toward the winning showcase. BUT first you must drop that PLINKO disc just so and listen to the crowd cheer you on in HI-LO dont forget to FLIP-FLOP the right price on that toaster because if you do the Gramd Prize could be yours!!!