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I have been training in some kind of discipline of use for artistical and spiritual expression as a performer since I can remember.. such as ballet, gymnastics, jazz, voice, acting, martial arts, acrobatics, music, tribal percussion, meditation, yoga, and ritual. With an education in traditional theater I chose to explore the alternative spectacle and interactive character work of a genre called circus.

Choosing to develop skills in clowning, mime, stilt-walking, and fire dancing, I have worked solo and with many collections in the past ten years like The Ever-Changing Festival of Now (Olympia, Wa), Freedom Tribe, the Moorish Orthodox Fire Shrine (Tucson, Az), Mystic Family Circus (San Francisco), Pleasure Elite, Magmavox, and Pure Cirkus (Seattle).

My performances can be described as passionately mytho-poetic, as well as sensually neo-ritualistic as I revel in the depths of vulnerability yet empower the inner essence of all who bear witness. My sole motivation in life is to inspire the human race to see a little beyond the standard perception by fully embracing freedom, exhibiting a conscience understanding of the universal consistency of the human condition, all as expressions of peace, love, and the will to follow a dream.