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Hejira a World Music Experience

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Hejira  is Seattle's only ORIGINAL, World Fusion Band (using driving Middle Eastern rhythms).  We play Middle Eastern rhythms, such as: Baladi, Cheftitelli, Ayub, Zaar, Maksum.. and also World beats, like; Turkish 9/8, Balkan 7/4, Persian 6/8, etc.  

Our unique sound is a result of mixing Western music with traditional Middle Eastern rhythms & scales. 

This creates a heavy tribal beat for the dancers and an enticing blend for the listening audience.   

Hejira plays interesting, thoughtful, danceable music for all ages. 


It was great to meet and work with you.  You guys have a great feel, and I love the multi-cultural sound too.  Great job, and the belly dancers were just icing on the cake!

Thank you, Summer Hopkins Summer Dawn Photography

“It is refreshing to hear and dance with the original music of Hejira”. Taia Chard - Dancer/Choreographer 

“Hejira's music is exotic, passionate, sonorous, even erotic.  Middle Eastern with touches of jazz extempore, even a hint of rock . these guys know what they're doing”.  9/07