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The power of Earth Wind And Fire, the soul of Stevie Wonder and a passion that is second to none can be found in KonstantGroove This is a band that you must experience!! KONSTANTGROOVE. . Konstant-adj.constant/ A continuous rhythmic pulse. Never ending. Without Fail. Groove- n.-gruve/ A deeply embedded track formed from continuous pressure. A varying systematic pulse that makes one move. KonstantGroove- A multi-dimensional company that provides entertainment for occasions.

KonstantGroove is a musical experience that is designed to motivate and uplift. It is compiled of well seasoned musicians from a trio to an 10pc with a horn section, whose passion and love for their crafts are well blended and wonderfully displayed. They have provided the musical ambiance for stages across the country. Their sound has been captured within the walls of venues such as Green Dolphin Street, Blu 47, The Park West and The House Of Blues just to name a few.

KonstantGroove became one of the most sought after musical resources for musical acts and recording artist across the country. You can catch them performing around the city and have appeared regularly on The WGN Morning Show along with yearly appearances at The Taste Of Chicago, and most awards ceremonies.