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Certain Company
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Certain Company is a young, fun, energetic established Chicago Rock n' Roll band. We are an original group and our styles include rock, pop, blues, folk, and indie. Many of our influeneces are from the classic rock era, and this is reflected in our original music as well as our select choice of covers. With such a diverse range to pull from, we can play a wide array of popular crowd-pleasing tunes (including our own).

We always cater to the event to provide a high level of entertainment and professionalism. You can expect excellent communication and we comply with all reasonable requests.

Some covered artists include:
- Tom Petty
- Stevie Ray Vaughan
- Jack Johnson
- Steve Miller
- Robert Johnson
- Beatles
- John Mayer
- Weezer
- Tracy Chapman
- Red Hot Chili Peppers
- Sublime