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Hello, Please let me introduce Roquemore. Thank you for taking a moment of your time to learn about this band and for considering Roquemore for your venue or event.

Conceived in Lake Zurich, Illinois, now based in Barrington, Roquemore, (pronounced rockmore), is the Chicago area's newest power pop/rock cover band, dedicated to entertaining the masses. With an outstanding lead singer, and a blend of talented musicians, Roquemore is destined to leave their mark on the Midwest music scene.

Roquemore is made up of five very unique people with the same goal – Play music that is fun to play and people love to hear! With non-stop excitement and energy from the band, Roquemore will be sure to get the crowd moving. Roquemore loves to ROCK MORE than just one decade with an awesome bend of songs from 1980 to 2008.

Please allow me to introduce the band:
Jena LaPoint - Lead Vocals -
Jena is an extremely talented vocalist with energy to match. Her stage presents demands attention while her vocal skills keep the crowd entertained consistently throughout her performance.

Jerry Matuszak – Lead Guitar and Vocals –
Jerry is one of those guys that was born with a guitar in his hand. I'm pretty sure “Bad to the Bone” was written about him! His attention to detail while playing would make the original artists proud. As the Lead Guitarist, Jerry sets the bar high and is a master of his instrument. Jerry is considered - All of that and Vocals too!

Steve Verdino – Guitar and Vocals –
Steve – He's truly the clown of the band!

Lori Stassin – Bass Guitar and Vocals –
If you're wondering what that vibration is – Please meet Lori! With her bass guitar she rattles the house! Her rhythm is able to keep the crowd moving and dancing. She has been called “the hottest bass play this side of the Mississippi.

Dan Dougherty – Drums –
Dan's playing can be summed up into one word – Precision! Dan plays with a level of accuracy and consistency that many drummers can only dream to achieve.