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Troubled Boots

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What do musicians with demanding festival and club dates, practice and rehearsal schedules, combined with song writing and recording sessions do for fun? If you're Chance Hayden and Shelly Rudolph you form a band; for fun of course. Several months ago whilst returning from an out of town gig in Chance's '65 T-Bird with the windows rolled down, the radio turned up and digging on the soulful grooves of Elvis and Ray Charles, the pair, in their separate reveries imagined how fun it would be to recreate these timeless tunes. By the time they pulled into Portland a set list was established, line up arranged and Troubled Boots was born!

The band made their formal debut on August 5th '08 at Jimmy Mak's as part of the first 89.1fm KMHD Homegrown Live showcase event. Since then, songs from their performance have received airplay on KMHD. Their following shows have continued to be well attended and met with dancing enthusiasm.

This five-piece group demonstrates a versatility that only musicians of their caliber can achieve. Fronted by acclaimed vocalist Shelly Rudolph, led by guitarist Chance Hayden and supported by some of Portland's top jazz talent, the band members were formerly musically acquainted exclusively through jazz. Together with eagerness to share a project that's something different, they now combine their many talents to perform a diverse repertoire that is convincingly authentic from start to finish.

Troubled Boots' songbook ranges widely, covering nearly half a century of music. The journey shines with forgotten jazz wonders of Nina Simone and 50s & 60s classics of Elvis, Ray, & Patsy, traveling effortlessly through the blue swamplands of The Allman Brothers and Taj Mahal, and resting at the smokey palace of such contemporaries as Tom Waits, Bonnie Raitt, & The Blasters. Troubled Boots also perform some of lead vocalist Shelly Rudolph's originals.

The mission of the Troubled Boots musical presentation is to showcase a wide array of stylings all true to their American roots. Whether you fancy jazz, blues, country or rock, this one of a kind band does it all with an enthusiasm that will ease your troubles.