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Michael Davis
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Michael Davis is a solo 7-string guitarist specializing in finger style jazz, pop, originals and Brazilian jazz. His solo guitar sounds are at times like a conversation between a bass player and guitarist. The seven-string guitar allows Michael to play bass lines, chords and melody simultaneously. His original composition "A Warm Smile" will be features in the Dec 2008 Fingerstyle Guitar Magazine. (issue #68) The video of "A Warm Smile " can be seen on you tube.

Michael puts his heart and soul into his playing; it is obvious he loves what he does. Whether playing standards or original compositions; he plays with immense feeling and expression. His arrangements; sometimes light, but more often intricate and haunting are a seamless blend of jazz, pop and Latin influences. His choice of harmonic color gives standards a refreshing update. His compositions range from jazz and pop to sambas and bossa nova. and more recently tangos. The process is always on-going but Michael strives for a new approach and is continually searching for new sounds.

Michael's music has been played on select radio stations across America. He has written for cable television, recorded several albums including: solo guitar, guitar and orchestra and a Christmas album, Snowfall, with the Timeless Quintet. A book of arrangements from the CD, Snowfall, has been published by Lorenz Music , and is available in bookstores.

Michael currently is writing new compositions, arranging and finishing a book of hymns and originals for the classical guitar as well as performing in the Portland, Oregon area. He welcomes your communication and comments. Thanks much for listening! Michael Davis