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The Hank Hirsh Quintet

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High quality jazz quintet featuring saxophone, trombone, piano, bass and drums. vocalist available on request for an additional fee. we have two CD's out and are working on our third at present. our music has been used in several network TV shows, a feature film, NPR background and many other quality applications. please inquire for details. our CD's consist of only original music. our performances are a mix of original, transcribed and standard material, all tastefully arranged.

The Hank Hirsh Quintet is an instrumental jazz group and occasionally a female vocalist joins us.

Our music is of the hard-bop genre and includes some Latin-flavored material. All of our recorded material is original and composed by leader Hank Hirsh. Our book has a great number of transcriptions of classic and not-so-famous recordings. Our members are highly experienced, professional and congenial. No client has ever been dissatisfied with our performance, appearance or behavior.

Please listen to either or both of our CD's and hear for yourself. This is a top-shelf, high-class professional organization. Meaningful music benefits all beings