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Kilde Fleetwood & La Freniere
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Kilde, Fleetwood & La Freniere.

A unique blend of light jazz, standards and classic instrumentals bringing three lifetimes of great musical experience into one enticing sound. A trio of seasoned performers, with histories associated with names such as Ray Charles, Duke Ellington, and Henry Mancini. The ensemble presents a unique combination of instruments and a distinctive, infectious sound, with a delightful, “conversational” interplay on stage and with audiences, that appeals to audiences of all ages. Equipped with a large repertoire that reflects their extensive background, Kilde, Fleetwood & La Freniere can be found performing at various venues in the Northwest including concerts, festivals, conventions, corporate events, winery/vineyard events, historic theaters/venues., weddings and numerous private/special events.
A perfect addition to your event.
Kilde, Fleetwood & La Freniere

"The individual talent in this trio is truly amazing. Put them together and their musical 'conversations' will sparkle the soul. This trio is a must see!"
K.G., myartscalendar
"You guys don't play music. you have musical conversations"
L.H., Conductor, SPO