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Debbie Wooten Motivational Speaker and Comedian
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Debbie Wooten is an expert in overcoming adversity. Born on the South side of Chicago with Spina Bifida and contracting polio at five months, Debbie entered a world of poverty, racism, abuse and family suicide. Her story is a vision of what the human spirit can prevail through. Debbie "hits home" emotionally with a wide range of audiences. C.E.O's of top companies to college students line up after her speech to give her hugs and tell how they related to her story on some level. Debbie almost always gets a standing ovation.

Her real strength is getting her message across that if she can rise above poverty, abuse, prejudice and physical barriers anyone can succeed. The fact that she gives here speech with great humor and pathos is a plus.

Debbie Wooten - New and Improved Debbie Wooten, the perennial favorite of colleges and organizations for her sparkling message the last decade is new and improved as we enter a new year.

In early 2005 the disability and diversity speaker was fighting another battle of many through out her life. In debilitating pain from her hip giving way and the return of her polio, Debbie was unable to stand without excruciating pain. She even discussed leaving her career because of her continuing downward spiral.

Debbie's special charisma saved the day as she was chosen from a group of 20,000 people as the "cover girl" for an advertising campaign for Washington State's Health System.

Recently Debbie had received a hip replacement and through her interaction with Group Health was chosen as a candidate for an operation to limit her food ingestion (now a much less dangerous procedure). Debbie at this writing has lost 147 pounds with much less pressure on her hips and legs and is walking pain free, for the most part without crutches. It wasn't too long ago she was almost entirely confined to a wheelchair.

Debbie was born with spina bifida and developed polio at five months. She grew up amid poverty and alcoholism. Debbie suffered over the years with a marriage that ended in suicide as well as one that ended because of abuse. You may find it hard to believe when you meet this bubbly lady, who is full of sass and good humor, that her world has ever been so laden with tragedy. Her speeches and comedy have consistently won her standing ovations and letters of praise. Sincerely a gem and a performer not to miss - especially now that she's new and improved!