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Jan McInnis
Comedy, Emcee, Host, MC, Improv, Speaker, Motivational Speaker, Keynote Speaker
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I have a comedy show, plus two programs that include my comedy show along with some great tips. And I'm a great emcee. I'm based in Los Angeles, but I travel all over the country. Have been a full time corporate/association comedian for 14+ years.

If you want a clean, hilarious comedy show, with customized jokes written just for your group, then this is the way to go! Jan will keep everyone laughing about work (she spent 15 years in a regular marketing job), kids (none of her own, but lots of nieces & nephews), and day-to-day “stuff.” AND she'll collect info on your group, to kick off the show with jokes all about them! Jan was featured in the "Wall Street Journal," in an article about clean comedy, as one of the top convention comedians. She's performed for hundreds of corporations and associations including Abbott Pharmaceuticals, Blue Cross, and The Federal Reserve.
• Customized. Jan gets the inside scoop on your group and gives it back from the stage.
Interviews, tours, newsletters . . .bring it on! • Appropriate. Jan has been both the employee and the boss, so she relates well to everyone in the company.
• Clean. You can sit next to your boss without being embarrassed.
• Entertaining. Jan hits subjects that both men & women can relate to.
• Professional. Jan shows up early, does her homework, and leaves 'em laughing.
• Tested. Jan is a veteran comedienne who has entertained successfully for hundreds of professional groups, including large corporations, small businesses, and trade & professional associations.

"We especially like how you tailored the show to our group and that none of the jokes were offensive. Everyone thought that you were hilarious."
-Richard J. McCarthy, MD, Kaiser-Permanente

"You can tell that a comedian has been successful when members of the audience keep repeating the jokes that were told for days after the performance."
-Laura Phelps, American Mushroom Institute

"We were in stitches! Not only was Jan hilarious, but she took the time to research our company and we felt like she really knew who we were and what would make us laugh. When the comment cards came back, she was a 10 out of a 10. Bravo Jan!!"
-Stacy Waddell, Sares-Regis Group Property Mgmt

Make your event memorable by having comedian Jan emcee! She can keep the show rolling, handle any problems, and assure that everyone stays engaged. Give yourself a break and leave it to Jan to keep the show rolling smoothly. Jan customizes all of her shows with jokes about the group. She will interview you ahead of time, and (schedule permitting) she'll sit in on meetings and take tours! She is the perfect Emcee.

"Our annual awards program with Jan as the Master of Ceremonies couldn't have come together more perfectly. You would have thought Jan was a long time member of our organization, knew the language and how best to connect with our audience. Having everyone in stitches was icing on the cake." J. B., Women in Insurance & Financial Services

Communicating with humor isn't just for comedians! Learn how to do the humor YOURSELF with this fun, interactive keynote. Jan combines her hilarious comedy act with practical tips on putting humor into your communications. You can make your speeches and written communications memorable, connect with employees and co-workers immediately, keep people interested in what you have to say, sell a product or service, and diffuse tense situations, all by USING HUMOR. And the cool thing is, you don't need to spend years in classes or weeks working on jokes; you can find the funny FAST with Jan's quick tips. She's sold volumes of comedy material to hundreds of radio stations, to the Tonight Show monologue, to CEOs, speakers, greeting cards AND even to guests on the Jerry Springer Show – (yeah, her parents are proud!) AND she can even toss in a few "rules" for using humor so you don't get yourself in trouble! And as always, her keynotes are customized with information from your group.

• Why Humor is ESSENTIAL to Communications. What will you gain by using humor in your written and verbal communications, and what are you missing out on by not using it?
• How to Put Humor in Communications FAST. You don't need years of classes or weeks working on jokes. You can find the funny FAST by paying attention to some key elements.
• Rules for Using Humor. Don't get yourself in trouble. Jan will give you some of the “unspoken” rules, so you get appropriate laughs.
• How ANYONE Can Use Humor. Just because you've never thought of yourself as “funny,” doesn't mean you aren't. Everyone can do this.
• Practical Skills They Can Use NOW. For the past 15 years, Jan has used all of these techniques to make a great living at comedy.
“The best session of any conference I have been to . . . I was able to relax & laugh for over an hour with my professional peers.” ; “Presenter was fabulously funny and smart.”

“Good tips about humor. I want to incorporate them into my communication style when situations get tense.” ♦ “WOW! I learned a great deal and laughed the whole time I did so. Laughter is both healing and a great teacher.”

“Excellent speaker. Relevant topic. I am glad I attended this lecture and the convention.” ; “WOW what a finish!” ; “Took notes and used the tips.” ; “I appreciate that Jan took the time to contact the (convention) folks, read up on the conference program, and get in some great stuff about us!”

Jan finds the funny side of change as she mixes her hysterical humor with practical tips on dealing with it. Your group will walk away laughing and learning as they discover the steps they can take to immediately handle, and even embrace, change! Whether your attendees are making major career changes, or minor mid-life changes, Jan can step them through it with humor. Her experience of leaving the cushy 9-to-5 job and heading into the bumpy road of comedy lends itself to humor, along with some great lessons on handling change. Comedy is a painless way to learn . . . and Jan can help you do it! And as always, her keynotes are customized with information from your group.

• Tips To Handle Change IMMEDIATELY. Three things that you should do at once when faced with change . .especially tough change.
• Techniques For Changing Your Mindset About Change. Before you can handle change, you have to get your head around it. . . Jan will show you how.
• What You Should AVOID Doing. Save yourself some headaches by learning the things you should NOT do when change takes place.
• Practical Skills That They Remember. Not theories. These techniques have been proven through real experience, and using humor to teach them is a great way to make the information stick.
Evaluations from the Michigan Home Health Association where Jan got a 3.88 out of 4 (conference average was 3.51): What were the highlights of this program?
Laughter The Message Speaker dynamic and fresh – great energy and situations that everyone can relate to 3 Change Principles Adapted to our group wonderfully Everything
Additional Comments:
Nice way to end the conference (many attendees said this!) Great idea to have a comedian at “saturation” time Well done Very funny Good Job! She was great! Clean Fun! Bring her back.