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Dawnya Clarine

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Think Jack Johnson meets Norah Jones and you will have a great starting place as a comparison for Dawnya's laid-back musical style.

Fans love her clever, unexpected lyrics and catchy musical hooks. Elements of pop, blues, jazz and reggae weave their way through her songs, and all are delivered with her smooth, sultry voice.

A contagious positive aura bubbles from Dawnya and her songs. "Listening to her is like sharing a secret with a good friend," says one fan. "She just gets it. She relates!"

It's easy to see why acts such as the 5th Dimension and Tower of Power invited her to open for them.

And, as much as Dawnya loves to be the entertainer, to reach out and connect with her audience, she also appreciates events where she is there for ambience, the background in a more important event.

She will be as involved as you'd like her to be. If you need her to engage your audience in your planned activities, give-aways or party games, she's on it. If you prefer her to make pretty music and stay in the background, no problem.

In addition to hundreds of gigs from California to the Midwest, Dawnya has performed at wedding receptions, weddings, funerals, farmer's markets, garden parties, corporate events, Brew Fests, private events, etc.

Dawnya is flexible and easy to work with. Take a listen to her music, it speaks for itself!