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Jane Yii
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Jane Yii is a seasoned and polished musician and performer. She has toured the East Coast for 30 years, playing for a wide variety of venues, before relocating to the Pacific NW. A diverse multi-instrumentalist, Jane has played Classic Rock, Punk and 80's Pop, Ska and Reggae, New Folk, Bluegrass, Blues and is of late specializing in Children's Music. Her musical influences are Pierce Pettis, Cheryl Wheeler, Patty Larkin, CSN&Y and Cat Stevens. She has opened for such world class acts as: Jesse Colin Young, Indigo Girls, Sister Hazel, Dave Mason, Rita Marley, John Hartford, The Suburbs, River Phoenix and Aleka's Attic, and Tom Parks. Always eager to please both the audience and management, Jane is prompt, professional, courteous, and friendly. Her Studio Engineer training enhances an already solid performance by creating perfect acoustics regardless of venue.

Here are some press commentaries on Jane and her abilities:

"I've always said that Jane is one of the few solo artists I've seen who can captivate an audience and hold them in the palm of her hand." Cathy DeWitt, Music Director, Arts in Medicine Program, Shands Teaching Hospital, University of Florida.

"Jane is a gifted songwriter, with attention to detail and a true sense of craft." Bill de Young, Gainesville SUN

"Jane is an extraordinary musician and an awesome human being. She has been on the Gainesville Music Scene since 1977 and has moved many of us to a higher level of awareness through her powerful message and deep passionate music. Jane's zest for Peace awakens the listener to the importance of using our intelligence to defend the meek and make change happen where it is possible." Shanti Vani, project coordinator, THE WORLD HARMONY PROJECT

"Playing solo is something Jane does with as much manifest confidence as anyone alive. She knows her songs and what she can do with them: it's as if she's learned over time to appease as much of her perfectionism as her considerable abilities allow, and now executes at that standard." Scott Barnes, Moon Magazine

"There is an underlying talent and spirit there that is so compelling, so captivating, that you always want to hear more." Gary Gordon, Los Angeles, Gary Gordon Productions

CLASS POET: Choctawhatchee High School 1973
I DARE YOU AWARD: Choctawhatchee High School 1973
JANE YII DAY - July 7th, 1986, Gainesville FL, for civic contributions to the SISTER CITY PROGRAM
BEST OVERALL SONGWRITER: South Florida Folk Festival 1994
BEST NEW FLORIDA FOLK SONG: Will McLean Folk Festival 1995
EMMY AWARDS (2) for BEST NATURE DOCUMENTARY: Soundtracks composed, performed and recorded by Jane Yii;
WILD HEART OF FLORIDA and WILD ALACHUA for PBS, produced by Univ. of Florida Museum of Natural History and Alachua County Tourist Development Council.

ANCIENT BEAD 1991 (cassette)
MOUNTAINSIDE 1992 (cassette)
DREAMS OF GOLD 1993 (compilation CD)
BLUE RIBBON HIGHWAY 1996 (all original, self produced)
DOWNTOWN 2000 (Live)
GRAVITY'S RAINBOW 2001 (joint project w/Stephen Robitaille)
KISS YOU UP 2001 (spoken word w/Greg Ray)
SKATTERBRAINZ 2001 (original Ska band)
WILD HEART FLORIDA 2002 (soundtracks)
PEARLS - FLY AWAY HOME 2008 (ambient)
VEGETABLE BABY 2009 (for kids)