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Too Slim And The Taildraggers

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Averaging 250 gigs a year ,the band who are now proven Headliners in several Markets have been together 15 years.This three peice band hails from Spokane Wa. were their devoted regional following has grown into a National and Internatinal following.This band has seven albums to their credit and currently record for the Burnside label from Portland Or.The bands live sets are Legendary featuring the blazing guitar work of Tim "Too Slim" Langford.His raw High Energy,yet smooth fretwork has been compared to the lat Lightnin' Hopkins, George Thorogood and Johnny Winter.The trio is rounded out bythe rhythm section of John"midnight "Cage and Tom "the Stomp " Brimm.These three musicians form one of those increasingly rare journyman bands that can knock a crowd out in any place from Canada to the Rio Grande or LA to New York city and Oslo to Brussels.They always leave the crowd begging for more!Their Original blend of Blues based Rockin"n Blues Twang has enrned them Hall of Fame status in every Blues society in the Northwest.This band is certainy a legend in the making.

Tim "Too Slim " Langford started playing Guitar at the age of 14. His Musical education includes 5 years of guitar instruction by teachers Fritz Hinkel,Chuck Phillips, and Jack Campbell, and two years of Music Theory Spokane Falls Community College and Eastern Washinton University. His early guitar and musical influences included,Duane Allman,Jimi Hendrix,Eric Clapton,BB King,Otis Rush,Lightnin' Hopkins,Elmore James,Credence Clearwater,The Beatles,Santana,Robert Cray,Jimmy Vaughn,Jimmy Thackery, Stevie Ray Vaughn,Kenny Burrell,Freddie King,Muddy Waters,Robert Johnson.Early bands include a stint in a country band called the Hombres1979-82,guitarist for the Spokane Jazz Orchestra 1978-80 and The Studebakers ( original Rockabilly Punk style band) 1981-1986. He formed Too Slim and the Taildraggers in 1986 in order to play original Blues and Rock. "My main objective in when I started this band was to play Original Blues and Roots style Music,travel all over the coutry and make records",says Langford and that's exactly what I'm doing today.In the early 90's Langford also got heavily into acoustic style blues and performs solo in addition to the band gigs. "I intend to continue what I am doing says Langford ,it's the best job in the world"

Dave ”Groove Master” Nordstrom started performing music at the age of 12, debuting as the band's lead singer. Not able to find a bass player, Dave decided to buy a bass. He paid exactly $26.11 including the tax, which he had to borrow due to the fact he had brought only the amount listed on the tag, for a “no-name” Japanese baby-blue short scale bass. It was beautiful and sounded pretty good as long as you tuned the G-string down half step so it would play in tune further up the neck. His studies included music theory at Eastern Washington University, but most of his training was acquired listening to the greats on vinyl and, on the streets touring around the country. Early influences include Paul McCartney, James Jamerson and Ron Wood. “Playing music is a passion and God willing I'll be doing it for years to come. It truly is the best job in the world.”

Zach T. Cooper was born in 1978 in North Idaho. With support from his father and brother, Zach began playing the drums at the age of 14. Father, Jerry Cooper, offered to buy his first drum set, a 1967 blue-glitter set of Ludwigs and Zach began taking lessons shortly after with L.A. veteran drummer, Shasta Lasso. Co-founding the band "Ozmo Boogie" with other family members, he embarked on his musical career and began honing his craft. After completing two semesters in the music program at North Idaho College, and continuing private instruction with N.I.C. drum instructor Dan Cox, Zach had stints with local and regional bands including "The Bone Daddies", "The Aaron Richner Band", "Anita Royce & The High Rollers", "Lockdown", "Lake Effect" and "Stevie & The Culprits". Awards include "Best Blues Drummer" by the Inland Empire Blues Society in 2000 followed by nominations in 2001 and 2004. "In one of the toughest businesses in the world, I feel like I've already been blessed with many amazing opportunities, and I know the best is yet to come!