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General Wojack
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Wojack Corp & Guerilla Musik Presents GLOBAL WARNING From the producers of Criminal Nation, D.C.P Organization and Wojack comes a hard hitting power packed hip hop album with no product placement and ignorant sexual rap. Global Warning is the kind of hip hop album that blends a Common Sense/ Ice Cube/ Malcolm X meets General Wojack with a dose of CNN. What more could you want in a artist in 2007. General Wojack has produced an entire 17 tracks with limited help or funds under highly stressful complicated situation. Now it is time to see a new change in the industry where 2Pac still is the best rap artist out there and he been dead for ten years now. Wojack has charisma, style, charm good looks, intelligent, confidence and most important Gods Favor and with all the death and destruction lies and cheating the entire world this man is one real street soldier with respected stripes so the title General applies with precision. What can General Wojack do for the world? Simple confront the issues and report them as seen and living in America on the front line dodging the devil and his servants it is certain that you'll get the truth 100% But don't think that The General wont entertain you to your satisfaction, he is a very articulate artist with a very funny side to him clowning the most and keeping it real he calls it, but the Wojack show is a super history lesson and self defense class all rolled up into one with music that will inspire the next great artist guaranteed. It is my pleasure to re- introduce to the world General Wojack. World News Report