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Pellucid Error (Matt Jefferson) began with music early on. Starting with piano at the age of 6, Matt began learning songs with the help of his grandmother. This continued for a few more years until Matt came across his first electric guitar; an old, rare, beat up Martin electric that belonged to his grandfather at the time, and still gets regular use to this day. Having only temporarily owned a decent rental acoustic guitar beforehand, Matt was excited to get started with his own electric guitar. From there, Matt would continue meeting people here and there and learning what he could from each of them, gaining knowledge and experience in many styles and genres.

Continuing with years of practice and playing with friends, Matt decided he wanted to start a band. It is at this time that the original "Pellucid" was formed. With a new four piece band and his first full set of originals, Matt began playing shows around town. (Including his first battle of the bands, which he won with his band.) Eventually, Matt ended up moving to Boulder, CO with his mother and younger brothers, as he was too young to remain in his hometown alone. This was ultimately the end of Pellucid.

With lots of free time and no friends, Matt found himself practicing guitar and working on music constantly. Around this time an interest arose for computer music/audio production, and soon Matt was working on some songs that would become the backbone of the album "A Soul Evolution". Originally the project was to be released under the title Pellucid, until another artist using the same name was found with copyrights long before Matt claimed it. This is where the addition of “Error” comes from. Rooted back to the earliest days of Matt's career, with a new twist on perspective and concept, the name Pellucid Error was born.

A year later, Matt returned from Boulder with a new outlook on music altogether. And in a fairly short period of time, the songs that had been written, arranged, and recorded in Boulder were being polished up, re-mixed, and mastered to be released. Finally came November 24th, 2006. The day that Pellucid Error's debut album “A Soul Evolution” was first made available to the public! The first copies were made personally by Matt, complete with home printed discs and album art created by Matt. After a great two years working with A Soul Evolution, spending countless hours creating copies of the disc, and after selling surprisingly larger amounts than had been anticipated, it was decided the disc needed to be professionally re-produced.

To make the re-release interesting, it was decided that the art and layout of the disc should be re-done and improved, and that there would be new, never before heard bonus music included on the disc! After buckling down to the task at hand, the music and artwork were completed in a few months time, and now the re-release has been announced! As of November 20th, 2008, the re-release of A Soul Evolution is fully available!

As for the future of Pellucid Error, new material is in the works for the next album, and you should be able to hear samples of that in the coming year! Stick around!