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Lyle Chaffee
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I have entertained in restaurant lounges since 1970 as a solo act. Some of the engagements continued for as long as 7 years. The last restaurant was Henry Ford's in Portland, Oregon which closed in 2003. Since the closure, I have been quite active in playing in retirement communities. Through the years, in addition, I have played for dance clubs, weddings, funerals, birthday and anniversary parties, picnics, and several years at the Beaverton Elks Lodge St Patrick's Day.

I am an easy going person and I enjoy audience participation. I presently use a keyboard that allows me to have a rhythm section, and several different instrument sounds. I've often been complimented on my singing. I realize my limitations as a keyboardist, but I enjoy what I am doing and I know I bring joy to a lot of people. Thank you !