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Di Arte Entertainment is a serviceproviding music for all special events!. All of our musicians are professionals who have honed their craft for many years through intense studies, experience performing, and above all much dedication to their craft. Di Arte Entertainment will help you with all your music needs. From solo players (pianist, strolling violinist, etc) to small ensembles such as duo, trio, quartet, to much larger ones such as 7-12 piece Big Band.

We have large and very versatile repertoires including impeccable classical music, sophisticated jazz standards, cool R&B smooth jazz, unforgettable pop and show tunes, Motown, European music and fiery Eastern European folk music. So, whatever ever your taste in music may be, we will deliver it!

We thank you for your interest and we are looking to be part of your special event. We will turn your event into an unforgettable event!