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Total Experience Gospel Choir
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The Total Experience Gospel Choir bursts with love, joy and enthusiasm - humanity! It is hailed as one of the Pacific Northwest's finest soulful ensembles. Pastor Patrinell Staten Wright started the group as a gospel music class at Seattle's Franklin High School in 1973. Since then the choir has grown to become a nationally and internationally known gospel singing group.

Total Experience Gospel Choir was organized in September 1973 at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church of Seattle. The core group represented members of the “Black Experience Gospel Choir” of Roosevelt High School and the Franklin High School Gospel Choir of Seattle. United, the choir became known as “Total Experience Gospel Choir”. When the choirs merged, the community's children were also invited to participate. And, participate – they did! The choir's numbers grew to 108 within the first two months, with the youngest person being 8 years old. Today the choir's ages range from 10 to 65. Since their inception, MUCH history has taken place. The choir has become known nationally and internationally. Their travels have taken them to 36 contiguous states as well as Hawaii and Alaska – for a total of 38 states. They have performed on 5 continents and in 28 countries.