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Cheri Stark
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What is a holistic singer? A holistic singer offers so much more than just a beautiful voice. A holistic singer is an artist. Bringing her personal expression into the musical interpretation and acting. A holistic singer is a professional. Someone you can trust to show up to your event on time, prepared, and organized. A holistic singer is an emissary. Expressing the spiritual in a way that words alone cannot. You deserve to have the holistic experience uniquely offered by Cheri Stark.

Ms. Stark's lyrical and versatile voice easily lends itself to opera, musical theater, jazz, and spiritual repertoire. She focuses upon the story-telling and emotion within each piece while maintaining a calm, expressive stage presence. Born and raised in Fresno, California, Ms. Stark started voice lessons at the age of five and has since been involved with over thirty theater and musical productions. She received her Bachelor's of Music degree in Vocal Arts at USC's prestigious Thornton School of Music.

Cheri is available for Church services, Weddings, Funerals, Banquets, Parties, Art shows, Special events, Benefit concerts, and for any other event you may want a quality singer! Prices open to negotiation.

"Cheri's performance at the La Mirada Theatre for the Performing Arts provided that 'icing on the cake' at our immensely well received POPS concerts in April. Her voice flexibility and lyric quality combined with her appealing manner of expression made her songs a joy to hear." - Pat Ruiz, president La Mirada Symphony Guild.