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Steffan Soule - Touch Of Magic
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Looking for a great performance for an important event? Steffan Soule is an amazing corporate style magician with an incredible repertoire. Below are video clips of live footage featuring Steffan Soule's corporate style magic. This Vegas quality show is exceptional for large events and venues where you need something you've never seen before. Steffan can even create a special custom illusion for you if you are promoting a product or event!

Steffan Soule brings magic to the smallest and the largest party venues: private homes, cruises, wedding halls and even stadium arenas. Whenever people get together to connect and have fun, magic makes a lasting impression.

Steffan Soule has crafted his show for the modern corporate audience while writing custom magic shows for top executives at national sales meetings, corporate retreats and annual events.

If you want a guaranteed excellent performance that communicates success, teamwork and quality while it motivates people to reach for their dreams, choose the performance of Steffan Soule, magician extraordinaire.