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Anonimato is a word in spanish, is a Grunge-metal band in spanish, we are no more afraid to show ourselves, we are here so the peopple in USA knows there is amazing music in Latin america Centro America

This band start in the smallest country in america EL SALVADOR, with only one member, Ariel Leo Luna

you could say is a dream, you could think is an ilusion but im living it, many peopple just dream and dream and fantasy about their goals but they never fight for it or at least try to get there, I don't wanna be like those persons and also I want to show the ones who start having dreams, that dreams may come true.

I played for many years my songs to myself trying to find members who believe in the project but without luck, that's when I decide to call "the band" ANONIMATO -means Nameless or anonymous- I wanted to make the next step but it was very dificult without members so I pay to some musicians to record my favorite 7 original songs in an album of 27min wich I never relesed. so I kept playing by myself in plazas, the street even in the bus promoting my album, in EL SALVADOR some peopple make the living playing or singing in the bus and is ok because believe me they make good money, anyways I was doing it for the music

one day I meet this guy from colombia who work in a radio and he likes my music but he says I need to record new songs cuz the ones I made was to heavy for radio (can you believe that!!, to heavy for radio) anyways I record again the songs with a new producer (Carlos Lopez- Innovastudios) who make my songs softer so they can be in the radio and it was a really good job cuz it wasn't to soft and heavy enough to be in the radio, and this time we put 4 new songs and the album was call EPILEPSIA, the album was recorded with a drum machine (pc program) and I play the bass and the guitar and sing of course and they play the whole album in the radio call ASTRAL and the softer songs was played in LA FEMENINA

the album was a hit in EL SALVADOR ANONIMATO was number one in those radios for around 7 weeks, and I was really happy about it really thankfull, but again, a wanted to make the next step, so I decide to come to USA the land where the dreams come true. many of my friends believe I couldn't make it in the music busines, even my family think that, cuz the songs are in spanish so I took some ideas and make my first song in english and I call it TO MYSELF wich I recorded and included in the album Epilepsia

with all those peopple who don't believe in ANONIMATO with all the traveling and not to much money, with all of that!, I didn't care because I believe it

finally im in USA san francisco, playing the guitar on the streets and God put in my way one of the best drumers I know till now: Carlos Baraona, we practice the songs I already have and some new ones but we still needed a bass player cuz we didn't wanted to get confused with White Stripes, anyways we found a bass player who is really good too (Hector Menera)I really think this Hector is a super important part of the band because until he join our band we start to sound like we really wanted, is the perfect triangulation in rock history.

So we start to performance and play in the city of San Francisco, venues like THE MILK BAR at RETOX LOUNGE, BEALE ST BAR and also in OAKLAND at THE STORK CLUB in VALLEJO at the CHRIS CLUB where we have a really fun story to tell. For later, and more places wich I cant remember right now

we are re-recording again the best songs in the album Epilepsia and new songs for a third album call THE ABYSS OF MY DEMENTIA wich will be finish by August and I'm thinking in consider this album as the first one because is not until now that I really fell like I have a real band and they deserve it (my band), some of the songs are in english and some in spanish cuz we also want to send our message to USA too, and we expect to find right places to play, the right agent, the right city to rock . . And until then the world will know how Latin community. ROCKS THE WORLD

we give all our shows for free, we give all our CD's for free (only in the shows) we give ourselves to the fans complitly, cuz we do it for them cuz without them we arent shit

Ariel Leo Luna: lyrics, vocals, guitars, screams
Carlos Baraona: Drums
Hector Menera: Bass