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Luc & the Lovingtons

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Luc and the Lovingtons is a band basically all about making people dance and feel free. Feel love! The best feeling out there. Hope to help people release what ever they need to release or recieve whatever they need to recieve. Made up of a group of dedicated and good hearted individuals all believing that music is powerful and putting their energy toward giving that service. Because music is a service, one we all need! Why do headphones help students through high school it's not that there tuning out, they're tuning in. There's feeling there, and sometimes no one else is coming to you on that level like your musicians are, and that saved me personally while going through growing pains. That's it on the words. Such gratitude to everyone and all those using their energy to lift anyone outside of themselves up.

We can call it world band. With members from different places and cultures in the world. Luc is native from the USA, was born in Seattle. Has travelled to Africa and Europe mixing his music influences with world spices. Felipe, a native from Chile, now living in Seattle. He brings the sounds of a different language through the voice & the melodies, Jesse "Slim" Cross, Bassist from Chicago had played with The FR&B Band The Chi-Lites, Buddy Guy and Taj Mahal. They are the heart of the band, or I should say we are the heart of the band, with love and passion to include anyone who feels call to be a part of it. Bleesings everyone.

We play mostly original song but do covers If needed, We have performed i different Stages and Festivals, Fremont Festival, City of Lynwood Festival, Waid's in Seattle, Winthrop, etc.

Have a blessed life and see you soon.