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Perfect isn't even the best word to describe California Jammin. They are without a doubt the best band ever! I always knew that our wedding celebration wouldn't be the wedding cake, food or the flowers that would make it special, it would be the music, and they made it the best and then some. They are the one topic that everyone can't stop talking about. Every single person danced until the last possible moment. I don't think my friends or I have ever danced as much as we did that night. They sounded fantastic and were the perfect band for a perfect night! They are now at the top of everyone's dream band list! I highly recommend California Jammin for any special occasion. They are simply the best!
Jennifer S. & Mark S. Santa Monica, CA

Tthe band's client list include:
Relay for Life
Hugs from Shaun
RC Playhouse
Network Cable T.V.
Chapman University
SBC Superintendent of Schools

CALIFORNIA JAMMIN' has been entertaining crowds in all age ranges since 1974. All the members in the band are permanent! You will get all six members at every event regardless of budget arrangements. CALIFORNIA JAMMIN', fondly known as "CALJAM" is a top-rated and diverse cover band that plays a wide variety of music from the 70's to current hits. They've been entertaining vast audiences of all ages. Their stage antics, distinct and energetic vibes and sound makes them the most sought-after cover band in Southern California. This premiere dance cover band has played for years on weddings, corporate and private events as well as county fairs, festivals, casinos and concert series in major counties and they are all professional and down-to-earth musicians who will make your event a remarkable success. They will even help you customize and plan your event and will work within your budgets, satisfaction guaranteed!

CALIFORNIA JAMMIN' believes in using the best sound equipment at all events. The band uses a '09 Carvin 16 channel mixer, four 15" two way mains, two 18" subwoofers, wireless mic - since our singers interact with the crowd, and an automated light system. The band will also offer a seperate sound system for speakers and/or ceremonies