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Genero Humano

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Genero Humano (Spanish for Human Genra)

The "Genero Humano" band started in 1989 after Carlos, Paul and Javier (Founders) came from Guadalajara Jalisco Mexico, to Tijuana Baja California. With only their talent, a dream and the Name "Genero Humano". Once There, the 3 members meet with Alex, a young Bass player from Tijuana and Reegeeo, the singer fresh from Los Angeles California.

Together, " Genero Humano" was born. Since teenagers, they have been together working hard on there individual talent by studying in different music academy's and playing by night in the local clubs. Today, "Genero Humano" has mastered the art of performing cover songs and mixing them together for a full impact on the audience listening and the ones on the dance floor. The influence of Latin and Pop Dance, has set them among the best cover bands and is the most recognized name in the "Cover Band Business" in the Republic of Mexico.

" Genero Humano" simply is a cover band that you need to see to believe! With the detail in music performance by the musicians and the high energy Singer, people definitely say -"Genero Humano" is the band to see if you want to experience a concert like vibe!-

"Genero Humano" Tours with different Latin artists like Yahir, Alek Sintek and Reik. When at home, "Genero Humano" perform in the most exclusive club's around town. Part of there extensive music repertoire covers from Earth, Wind and Fire to John Mayer and from Sade to Jamiroqui.

Plus the full flavored Latin Music of Mana, Soda Stereo and Los Fabulosos Cadillacs. It's a trip around memory lane and back! "Genero Humano " is sure to make you feel the music, dance it, and keep coming back for more!