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Cheril Vendetti
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There are two types of comics – people who work the audience and people who do their script. And then there's Cheril Vendetti - one of the few to do both so effortlessly that the only thing that remains the same in two of her shows is that they are both hysterical. Brassy and sassy, this is one comic working without a net and she never falls. Her voluptuous showgirl persona, feathers, boas, and a wild mane that not even Siegfried and Roy could tame, has earned her a devoted following. “I think I was a stripper in a past life, only this time I came back a little chubbier.” Taking her lead from the likes of Totie Fields, Rusty Warren, and John Gotti (to name a few), Miss Vendetti is homey and outrageous. Like an old friend from the Bronx, she is warm, natural, and at ease – with just a hint of coarseness.

“Anyone who could make Judge Judy look tame deserves her own show!” - NEWSWEEK
“Truly an original. stole the show!” - DAILY VARIETY
“Vendetti's humor works anywhere!” - WEST HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY, LOS ANGELES
“Like an old friend from the Bronx, she's warm, natural and at ease with just a hint of coarseness. hilarious!” - BAY WINDOWS, BOSTON
“Her warm, bigger than life persona engages and delights all audiences. HILARIOUS!” - Q COMEDY, SAN FRANCISCO
“Keep your eye out for this one!” - IN NEWSWEEKLY, BOSTON