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My name is John Villalba and I have been a self-employed, mobile DJ in the San Diego area for about two years. Self promotion and finding work isn't always easy; being involved with what your craigslistadvertisement is describing is something I would be very excited about.

First off, I have a pretty respectable, dynamic mobile setup that I can alter to best-suit the event I am performing at. I use turntables with virtual vinyl and Torq if I'm anticipating dynamic mixing and if I want a more impressive-looking setup. If the customer wants something a bit more simple, I simply use software on my laptop and an external mixer and/or an external control surface. Either way gives me access to my music library which contains about 50,000 songs. Also, depending on the size of the event; I have/use either one or two PA systems. I have lights and I am able to facilitate other people on instruments and microphones. I will include a more specific list of my equipment below this email.

I have DJ'ed various clubs in San Diego including the Satin Lounge in the SDSU area and Club C7 which is downtown, but I gave up the club-scene to solely pursue a mobile DJ business. DJ'ing clubs just isn't a cost-effective venture at this point in my life. Anyway, I have been doing mobile gigs for about two years and I will include examples of some of the events I have DJ'ed below this email.

I have never begun my performance late at any event that I have DJ'ed and I have never had any technical difficulties. I am reliable, professional, hard-working and I really enjoy entertaining people and catering to their interests. Plus, I have all the needed clothes/equipment, so no contractor would need to worry that I wouldn't be prepared for the event. I pride myself in having a very diverse taste in music and I have, at least, a good knowledge of many different genres of music. If possible, I really like to have an informative conversation with the client about their music needs before the event so I can prepare a playlist for their event and make sure everything is good-to-go in advance. Either way, I am pretty confidant in my ability to choose the right music for the moment.

In terms of skill, I feel like I am well-qualified to call myself a professional. I have a very good grasp on mixing and beatmatching. I am a skilled audio-engineer and have a respectable amount of experience, so it isn't difficult for me to make sure the audio people are hearing is top-notch.

Some of my equipment includes:
Technics 1210 Turntables
Torq Virtual Vinyl Interface
Numark 2-Channel DJ Mixer
4-Channel Mixer (2 PA system output/additional audio inputs)
MacBook Pro
150W Par Can Lights
1200W Fog Machine
(PA 1) Two Towers -1200W
(PA 2) One Sub, Two Monitors -700W

Some of my experience involves:
Currently doing some work with Macy's
Sweet 16's
Birthdays (oldest I have DJ'ed is 40 yrs)
House Parties
Dance Parties
High School
Dining Venues