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Cliff Colon Trio

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The Cliff Colon Trio has divided its time between performing as a trio, and as the backup group to some of the best Jazz/Blues artists in the Pacific Northwest. They've appeared at clubs and concerts with Greta Matassa, Jay Thomas, Mimi Fox, Julian Priester, Vern Sielert, Woody Woodhouse, Mark Taylor, Sommer Stockinger, Stephanie Porter, Susan Pascal & many more.

"Cliff and company seem to be on a mission to keep the heart of Jazz music pumping well into the new millenium. They put on a performance. that is nothing short of astounding. Cliff is a monster tenor player. Joe Doria on the Hammond B3 is astonishing! He plays with such fluidity, power and soul, it is hard to believe all that sound is coming from one guy. As for drums, Mr. Brian Kirk is a dream player. He has all the chops from traditional bop to mid-seventies Miles Davis power funk and beyond." [JAZZBONES]